That project was one of the central activities of the Latvian presidency in the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) in 2007/2008, a year long series of public events taking place in all 11 Baltic Sea region capital cities (Tallinn, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Berlin, Warsaw, Vilnius, Riga) to promote the notion of the Baltic Sea Region, ‘Balticness’ and the Baltic Sea as the life artery for the people living around it.

A program of traveling events in each capital:
• Traveling documentary photo exhibition “…where the Baltic Sea and Baltic people meet…” in a public building or open-air.
• Round table discussion or seminar at a local University specializing in Baltic Sea region studies on a specific issue (e.g., coastal environment protection, shipping, cultural tourism, creation of knowledge society, entrepreneurship, etc.) involving academia, students, public officials, experts, general public.
• Jazz concert – performance of eminent Latvian saxophone player Denis Pashkevich and his band “Riga Groove Electro” together with local jazz artists, playing national themes in jazz settings.
The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is on „top of Europe” geographically, economically and symbolically – an area, where the region’s common values and objectives, constructive dialogue and cooperation initiatives between the states, businesses, academia and the people have had mutually beneficial impact.
However there is still an unused potential for the cooperation, synergies, networking and interaction between the public, private and nongovernmental actors as well as societies in the Region. Greater integration of the BSR holds capacity to contribute to further development, the region’s global competitiveness and sustainability, and enforcement of the BSR’s position as a role model for regional cooperation on European and also on a global scale.
This project intends to promote awareness of the region’s unique comparative advantages and values through raising the public recognition of ‘Balticness’ – the competitiveness, creativity, professionalism, skillfulness, dynamics, stability, multiculturalism, and openness of the region and its people, and represents a call for broader and deeper cooperation in the Baltic Sea region.
Project implementation:
The project started in November 2007 in Tallinn (in conjunction with the Baltic Development Forum summit, November 4-6), and finished in June 2008 at the Summit of the CBSS Heads of Government in Riga, marking the conclusion of the Latvian CBSS presidency. 
Organizers and partners:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, Secretariat of the Council of the Baltic Sea States, embassies of Latvia in the Baltic Sea Region’s capitals, Riga city council, Baltic Metropoles, Baltic Development Forum, ARS Baltica network, other public and private partners.
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