Creative Metropoles


The project ”CREATIVE METROPOLES: Public Policies and Instruments in Support of Creative Industries” has showcased the key elements of what makes a well-functioning, focused, flexible and efficient public support system for creative industries in the 11 participating cities – Riga (Lead partner), Helsinki, Oslo, Tallinn, Vilnius, Stockholm, Warsaw, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Berlin. The partners have looked at best practice in policy as well as at practical tools that the public sector can use in support of the creative economy.
The project has focused on experience exchange among the involved municipalities in order to increase understanding of the elected decision-makers and the executive level about creative industries – their role in the overall economy, how they work – as well as increase awareness about different policies and approaches that have a positive impact on the growth and development of the creative sector.
Experience exchange was organised in 5 key areas:
1. Structure of public support for creative industries
2. Business capacity and internationalisation within creative industries
3. Space for activities by creative industries and creative city districts as creative incubators
4. Funding schemes for creative industries
5. Demand for the outputs of creative industries, including municipalities in the role of consumers
These activities were supported by information and communication activities, including a project website and publications, as well as participation in larger scale dissemination events to share the insights gained within the project.
Situation analysis in partner cities regarding CI support
Partners of Creative Metropoles project:
Riga: Riga City Council Culture Department (Lead Partner)
Helsinki: City of Helsinki
Oslo: Oslo Teknopol
Tallinn: Tallinn City Government
Vilnius: Vilnius City Municipal Government Administration
Stockholm: Hägersten-Liljeholmen District Council
Warsaw: City of Warsaw
Birmingham: Birmingham City University
Amsterdam: Amsterdam Innovation Motor
Barcelona: Barcelona Activa, S.A.
Berlin: Berlin Senate
Total budget: 2.44 MEUR (Interreg IV C)
Project duration: 3 years (October 2008 - September 2011)

Contact person:
Mr. Valdis Šaplaks
project consultant
Riga City Council
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