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Baltic Sea cities presented on ONE BSR road show in the USA (2014-03-28)

Hamburg, Helsinki, Riga, St. Petersburg and Warsaw to jointly promote Baltic Sea Region in the U.S. Market.

Five Baltic Sea cities are joining forces to promote their destination in a common regional context to travel professionals and the media in the USA. Officially kicking-off the ONE BSR partnership with presentations in New York, Boston and Chicago on March 18, 19 and 20, the cities of Hamburg, Helsinki, Riga, St. Petersburg and Warsaw will present themselves and the region as an attractive and fascinating destination for city trips to Northern and North-Eastern Europe.

Connected by their proximity to the Baltic Sea and a common cultural and historical heritage, the ONE BSR cities are complementing each other with their individual personalities, traditions and visitor experiences.Download connectify - The ONE BSR campaign will highlight themes such as the region’s and cities’ cultural diversity, architecture & design, local lifestyle and heritage, as well as special experiences and scenic attractions.

The ONE BSR cities can be reached from the U.S. by nonstop flights or convenient connections from major gateways. In Europe, an established tourism infrastructure makes for easy stop-overs in the partner cities.

Unique selling points for the individual cities are:

Hamburg: Modern and sophisticated, Germany’s second largest city boasts maritime flair and a long sea-faring history.
Helsinki: Shaped equally by eastern and western influences which are visible in the capital city’s architecture, cuisine, traditions and unique lifestyle.
St. Petersburg: Former capital of Czarist Russia, it is now a center for Russian art, culture and literature.
Riga: The rich cultural and historical heritage of the “European Capital of Culture 2014″ manifests itself in the city’s architecture and cultural life.
Warsaw: Fast developing modern metropolis with a rich cultural heritage, an eventful history and freedom-loving people.

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