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BaltMet Promo event and Officials Meeting took place in Warsaw (2011-12-02)

Warsaw hosted in November two BaltMet events - BaSIC project final conference and BaltMet Offcials meeting.

The BaltMet Promo final conference took place on 23rd and 24th. The main topics were brand development and implementation of the Baltic Sea Region Strategy. Also, results of the BaltMet Promo were presented, such as the Investors' Guide to the Region and a guide to filmmaking in the Region.

The officials met on 24th and 25th. The cities that particiapate in officials meeting play crucial role in the region development and for that reason are important partners for the European Commission in terms of realization of the Baltic Sea Region Strategy. During the Warsaw meeting  partners dicussed proposals from the metropolises to better connect the newly prepared phase of the Strategy with the metropolises potential, so that the realization of the Strategy is more effective. The position of the cities will be concluded in the form of Mayors declaration that will be signed in 2012 in Helsinki on the occasion of the city's 200th anniversary as a capital.

The officials discussed also projects which are under preparation or waiting for funding decisions, as well as results of the BaSIC project that has created a cooperation network of innovative SMEs and support institutions. One of the results are Market Access Points (MAP), created to help innovative technology-based growth companies (SME) and entrepreneurs finding improved and easy access to the markets in the Baltic Sea Metropolitan areas. MAPs offer synchronised services related to internationalisation needs for the client companies from partner metropolises. Core of the offered services are the Soft Landing services.

Part of the meeting was devoted to the Open Days 2011 event, where Warsaw presented its action plan and projects in the field of sustainable energy and climate in construction and transport and renewable energy sources and cogeneration.

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