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European Commission presents new funding rules for R&D (2011-12-01)

80 bln euro - is the amount that Brussels wants to spend on R&D in the years 2014-2020. Instead of three support programms there will be one - Horizon 2020, consisting of three priority areas:

1. Science with a budget of 24 bln euro for research and science education;

2. Industrial leadership in innovation will get 18 bln euro (includes supprting SMEs);

3. More than 31 bln euro will go to tackling major challenges of the Europeans, such as climate change, renewable energy, sustainable mobility or ageing societies.

Special concern has been given to SMEs and the grant procedures for them have been simplified. Additional 2,5, euro is planned to be given for loans and warranties for innovative SMEs. The aim is to help every year 39 thousand companies create 29.5 new workplaces and introduce 900 new products on the market.

More information and presenttaion of Horizon 2020 can be found here:

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