Public Procurement for Innovation

The background of the initiative is the BaltMet Inno project, where innovation friendly procurement processes were studied in the Baltic metropolises by the Tallinn University of Technology. The study "Public Procurement for Innovation in Baltic Metropolises" mapped the best experiences in the region and functioned as an awareness raising tool in the BaltMet member cities.
Shaping public procurement strategies, processes and practices favourable to innovation is a topical theme strongly supported by the Lead Market Initiative of the European Commission. Development and transfer of instruments for improving the possibilities of SMEs to participate in public tenders, particularly in connection with new innovative products and services is important to the competitiveness of the Metropolitan region and functions as a tool which cities themselves may use to support the innovation potential in their region.
In public procurement for innovation size does matter. BatMet Inno project has provided detailed information on the subject in this region. Initiative Public Procurement for Innovation aims to go deeper to the substance and create an EU funded project for Baltic metropolises, research institutions and enterprises in the region.

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