Rail Baltica Growth Corridor


Rail Baltica Growth Corridor (RBGC) aims to improve the competitiveness and accessibility of cities and regions in the Eastern Baltic Sea Region through increased interaction and cooperation. RBGC creates a cooperation and transport service platform that observes the needs of both transport sector and customers in line with the green growth corridor principles. RBGC brings benefits for cities and regions, transport sector and citizens by improving the competitiveness and economic potential of the Region. Project partnership consists of 21 Partners representing cities, regional authorities, and research institutes, as well as e.g. ministries and national railways as associated organizations.
RBGC is linked to the wider concept of Rail Baltica – a railway that will connect the Eastern Baltic Sea Region from north to south branching from St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas and Warsaw to Berlin. The Region gains new economic potential as the major business hubs will be connected with North-West Russia and the EU core.
City of Helsinki is the Lead Partner of the Rail Baltica Growth Corridor Project. Aalto University School of Economics CEMAT is the Coordinator.

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