Riga, the capital of the Republic of Latvia, lies on the banks of the Daugava river near the Gulf of Riga. The territory of Riga covers 307 sq kilometers and the total population is 742 200 inhabitants which is almost one third of the total population of Latvia. Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States, also an important centre of industry, finance and transport in the Baltic region.
The city is the largest and leading region in terms of country’s economic activities. Due to its geographical location on the Baltic Sea, Riga has been an important centre of trade, finance and culture for centuries.
There are 25 universities and other institutions of higher education in Riga which is about 80 percent of all higher educational institutions in the country.
Core business activities of the area represent service sector, transport and logistics, communications, trade, construction, financial services as well as manufacturing. 
Riga contact person:
Ms. Sandra Inkena
Project Coordinator
International Cooperation and Coordination Division
Foreign Affairs Office
Riga City Council

E-mail: sandra.inkena@riga.lv   

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