Tallinn is the centre of Estonian political and business life. With its population of more than 400 000, the capital is the driving force of the country’s economy. The city has an area of 158,3 sq. km. 

The city is home to about half of all Estonian companies and more than half of the foreign companies operating in Estonia. The most active sectors for foreign investments are financing, real estate and business services, and manufacturing industry. Tallinn plays an important role in trade between East and West. The economy is closely connected with the neighbouring Scandinavian countries.
The service sector dominates the economy of Tallinn both with regard to profits and the number of people employed. Business services dominate the service sector. Tallinn represents almost 1/3 of the total national industrial production.
There are four public legal colleges and universities, three universities of applied sciences and ten private colleges and universities in Tallinn.
The strongest industries in Tallinn are shipbuilding, metalworking, food and fish processing, manufacture of machinery and electrical consumer goods, tourism.
Tallinn contact person:
Mr. Allan Alakûla
Representative of Tallinn to the European Union
E-mail: allan.alakyla@tallinn.ee
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