Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, the country's administrative, cultural and economic centre. Vilnius is home to about 550 000 inhabitants. The territory of Vilnius is 394 sq. km.

One fourth of the country's enterprises operate in Vilnius, two thirds of them in the trade and service sector. Over 40 percent of the country's foreign enterprises are located in Vilnius. Vilnius is notable in the country for the information technology and telecommunications sector. The City economic structure is characterized by the service sector. Vilnius region generates one-third of the country’s GDP.
Currently there are 27 scientific research institutions, 10 universities, 8 private colleges with more than 84 000 students studying there.
The most vigorous sectors of national economy are related to food and bavarage industries, real estate, rent and other business activities,  construction as well as wholesale and retail trade.
Vilnius contact:
Ms Jurga Pociūtė-Mikūtienė
Chief Officer
International Affairs and Tourism Division
Vilnius City Administration
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