Warsaw is a city populated by 1.7 million inhabitants living on the area of 512 sq. km. The population of Warsaw constitutes about 5 percent of Poland’s entire population and consequently of the country’s labour market. 

Warsaw is the biggest metropolitan area in Poland and has a significant impact on regional and national economics.
There are around 60 universities (public and private) with almost 300 000 students (almost 20 percent of all students in Poland). More than half of private schools and universities have a business profile and 1/6 of the universities carry out scientific and R&D programs.
Currently Warsaw is the focal point of the hi-tech industry of Poland with multiple centres of advanced technology, centres of excellence or academic pre-incubators.
The most prominent sectors of economy consist of retail industry, banking and finance services and manufacturing. 
Warsaw contact persons:
Mr. Miłosz Gos
Head of International Projects Unit
Mayor’s Office
City of Warsaw
Tel: +48224431068
Fax: + 48224439963
Mr. Franz Thun
Senior specialist
International Projects Unit
Mayor’s Office
Tel: +48224431072
Ms. Anna Kirejczyk
International Projects Unit
Mayor’s Office
Tel: +48224431071
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