·        The ONE BSR Project shall function as an umbrella project for branding the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), with which various stakeholders can get attached. It aims to produce elements for the Baltic Sea Region image and identity.

Joint marketing efforts provide a win-win scenario for many

BaltMet Mayors have stated: "Joint marketing efforts between the major cities provide a win-win scenario for us all. Baltic metropolises are reinforcing their strengths and potential and thereby generating new momentum for the entire economic area."
The benefits from pooling resources shall grow: there will be more global outreach and attention, economies of scale and resources for transnational product development.

BSR does not have a shared identity and a recognized image, nor has the marketing of the region developed in a structured and systematic way. The "making of the BSR" has been for decades a top-down project. The EU co-funded BaltMet Promo project was the first attempt to approach the issue differently: In the bottom-up approach,
the common identity building of the BSR was addressed by doing concrete collaborative promotion in the global markets. (More info at

Following policy recommendations presented in the BaltMet Promo Action Plan with respect to the attraction of tourist and investors and talents, the Project will develop tourism co-operation at new international markets, intensify triple-helix activities in international talent retention business; and continue the new initiative “Baltic Sea Region Investment Agencies” aimed at improved co-operation in investment promotion. The learnings from these concrete collaboration cases with respect to the "branding of the region" together with social media activities, fuel the branding and identity building dialogue of the BSR.

Baltic Metropoles and Baltic Development Forum are the co-ordinators of activities related to "regional identity building" in the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

Partners cover the Baltic Sea Region comprehensively

Partners and Associated Organizations together form a comprehensive geographical coverage of the BSR. Project enables know-how to be transferred between countries, regions and different sectors, to be implemented for the benefit of the whole BSR.

Partner cities are Helsinki, Hamburg, Riga, Stockholm and Warsaw. St. Petersburg will participate with own funding. Baltic Development Forum, ARS BALTICA and ScanBalt from Baltic Sea Region networks are among partners. Swedish Institute, Business Support and Credit Management Foundation / Creative Cluster, Culminatum Innovation Ltd, Forum Virium Helsinki, Gdansk Investment and Development Agency, Greater Helsinki Promotion and Praxis are partners from national and regional development companies. Helsinki University, Helsinki Education and Development Area /HERA and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences represent the universities.

Vision: To increase the BSR competitiveness by branding it as one unity

·        Mission: To pool resources in attracting investors, tourists and talents to the region, to awake people's interest in the common good of the Baltic Sea Region

·        Objectives: To market the whole region and its different parts by developing joint promotional services and to test them in practice, to make positive publicity of the BSR lifestyles and to encourage the "we-feeling" of the Baltic Sea Region.

·        Project duration: Two years: 30.9.2012 - 30.9.2014

·        Budget: 3 MEUR

·        Partnership: Seventeen partners include Baltic Sea Region networks, national and regional development companies and universities. Project is led by the City of Helsinki.

Contact person:

In Finland: Ms. Jenni Jäänheimo
EU project specialist
Administration Centre, International Relations
Tel. +358 9 310 23060
Mobile + 358 44 541 5479

In Warsaw: Ms. Katarzyna Tokarska
Tel: +48226566108




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